Who is Sascha?

Nerding out at one of many marketing conferences…

I’m a marketing professional with 4+ years in the heart of the Silicon Valley, London and Germany before I started my journey as an independent marketing consultant in 2020.

About Sascha Hoffmann

It all started with a corporate study program in an IT enterprise. Not liking my job, I pursued my passion for marketing in a Master’s program in San Francisco, USA. Soon after graduation I joined an ad tech start-up focusing on media, content marketing, and lead generation.

Taking a de-tour through London for 18 months I ended up back in San Francisco and wearing more and more marketing hats (SEO, Marketing Automation, Conversational Marketing, and ABM) to eventually become a Lifecycle Marketing Manager to combine all aspects under one umbrella. I love the idea that all marketing strategies and tactics are aligned – even with Sales.

In 2020, I decided to take the next step in my career and personal life of being my own boss. I became a full-time Lifecycle Marketing consultant and I love every bit of it – even the accounting (I love to learn new skills).

Working in a start-up gave me a lot of variety – in my role but also in the industries.

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